EX COGNITA | [ex ˈkɔgːnɪta] | Latin, a type of referral


From the known

Challenge your understanding

Homo sapiens are not built to understand the varying complexities of our world. We aren't even equipped to handle input contradicting our existing worldviews. This blinding phenomenon remains an obstacle in both business & industry, yet can be turned into a powerful tool if mastered. 

The EX COGNITA Leadership programme welcomes senior male executives to be updated on their blindspots about the origin, business case, and untapped financial potential of Diversity & Inclusion. The market's direction is clear, and so is the science. Question is, are you? 

Building male equity advocates

Through the EX COGNITA Leadership programme, men will grow. Engage in an initiative that inspires men for the better, by wielding their unique position as majority in comprehending the minority. With tools, insights & facts they are armed to enable and leverage true cognitive diversity in their teams and workplace.

The EX COGNITA programme brings men in from the sidelines, and turns them into beacons for a better future. They understand that this isn't a person's issue, it’s humanity's issue. 


In its entirety, the programme spans 9 episodes split into 3 themes.

Theme #1: Psychology - How homo sapiens argue, mental locking effects, worldviews and self-perception

Theme #2: Team dynamics - In-group/Out-group behaviour, bias, human shortcomings & how to leverage them

Theme #3: Business implications - Mechanistic, scientific explanations for D&I effects in business environments

Theme 1: Psychology
Theme 2: Team dynamics
Theme 3: Business implications

Course start


Autumn 2021

Nominations ongoing




MoS, Stockholm

This programme's aim is to quickly and succinctly offer the issues' full overview & most hidden insights. Rather than using the generic approach of regurgitating data, the programme is designed exclusively for a male perspective's personal applicability. This via rhetoric and content inherently constructed for interactive debate.  

Why Ex Cognita ?

Taking issues forward

As a majority, you have the most impact when talking about these issues.

It can't just be women or minorities advocating for equality, it needs to be the majority taking ownership and advocating for it. Only with a critical mass can we take these issues forward.

Strictly research-based

Through its fact-based scientific design, EX COGNITA disrupts traditional D&I approaches.

Drawing from a vast array of sources, it rests firmly on decades' worth of large-scale field studies, business reports, longitudinal panels & meta-analyses. 

Only course you'll need

Issues of D&I hold significant relevance on the performance of your organization and team. That much is well-known, but going from knowing to acting can be difficult.

This course offers a complete executive's summary of the area: its history, direction, effects & impact, how to act, and win.

Being a better man

Engage in an initiative that motivates men in leveraging their unique responsibility as advocates for equity, while evolving as leaders.

Arm yourself with the language, insights & data to take command of the conversation. The world is changing - can you feel it?


The EX COGNITA MALE LEADERSHIP PROGRAM is being constructed in a junction between some of Sweden’s largest firms, diversity experts and cognition professors. It is currently looking for a total of 10 pilots to test its structure on a smaller scale, and as such participants are invited to this journey with an emphasis on feedback and flexibility.


Its PILOT consists of 6 evening sessions - episodes - spread over 18 weeks. Drawing from a vast array of peer-reviewed research, business reports, industry best practice and insider insights; the programme offers condensed information, concise tools and a clear call-to-action. For the growth & development of male executives in a rapidly changing business landscape, this programme is key.

I look forward to hearing from you,


Founder & CEO

When he's not busy dismantling the internet hate-machine or building female business networks, Alex likes to look ahead and build for the future.